Two HTF Relief Stub Esterbrook Master Series Renew-Point Fountain Pen Nibs

Maker: Esterbrook
Stock Number: 8738
Price: $ 55.00

Includes the following: One 9314-F Relief Fine Stub and one 9314-M Relief Medium Stub. From what I understand, these relief semioblique (or semi oblique?) nibs are getting pretty hard to find. The 9000 series nibs were known as Master Point or Master Series and were more expensive (almost twice as much from what we can find out) than the 2000 series nibs. They were tipped with a harder metal, iridium, at the ball or point, presumably to make them last longer. These fountain pen nibs all came out of a box found in the stock room of a closed office supply store, and are all unused new old stock (NOS) as far as we can tell.

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